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20 Years After Magical Album. 60 éxitos que nunca olvidarás



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1. Beatles Medley

a. Stars On
b. No Reply
c. Do You Want to Know
d. It Out
e. Nowhere Man
f. Ticket to Ride
g. Every Little Thing
h. Sing
i. Get Back
j. Eight Days a Week - It Won’t Be Long / Day Tripper / Wait / Good Day Sunshine
k. My Sweet Lord - Here Comes the Sun
l. My Guitar Gently Weeps - Taxman
m. A Hard Day’s Night - Things We Said Today - If I Fall - You Can’t - Do That – Please, Please Me - From Me To You - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

2. Swing the Mood

a. In the Mood
b. Rock, Around the Clock
c. Rock, rock, rock
d. Wake Up, Little Susie
e. C'mone Very Body
f. Hound Dog
g. Shake, Ratle and Roll
h. All Shook Up
i. Jailohose Rock
j. At the Hop
k. Tuti Frutti

3. Let's Twist Again

a. Let's Twist Again
b. Peppermint Twist
c. Ya- ya- Twist
d. Let's Dance
e. Kissin' Twist
f. Fanny Mae
g. Twist a St. Tropez
h. Speedy González
i. Red Driver Rock
j. Kili Watch
k. C’mone Everybody
l. Shout

4. Rock'n Twist Medley

a. Piltdown Rides Again
b. If I Had Hammer
c. The Twist
d. J'irair Twister Le Blues
e. Surfin’ Bird
f. Bird Dog
g. Pour' un Flirt
h. Wooly Bully
i. Something Else
j. Be Bop a Lula
k. Limbo Rock
l. What'd I Say
m. Mashed Potatoes
n. Hey Ba Ba Re Bop

5. Do You Remember

a. Do You Remember
b. Lucille
c. Bird Dog
d. Runaway
f. Bread and Butter
g. That's Alright Mama
h. Rip' it Up

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