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Day of Reckoning



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John Katzenbach's third novel, published here with a new preface from the author, is the spellbinding story of a family in jeopardy and what happens when the family ¡s pushed to the brink.

Megan and Duncan Richards are no longer the radical activists they were in 1 968 He's a banker, and she works in real estate. They have a nice house and three kids they adore. And their past is safely buried, until the day Duncan gets a call on his office phone from a woman he's spent two decades trying to forget. She called herself Tanya, and in 1968 she was the beautiful, charismatic leader of Northern California's radical Phoenix Brigade.

She was the one who had assured Duncan and Megan that no one would be hurt in the robbery she'd so brilliantly orchestrated but when it turned into a slaughter, she laid the blame on them. Now after eighteen years in prison, Tanya is free again, and poised to avenge what happened on that blood-drenched day so long ago.


TipoLibro impreso
Autor(es)John Katzenbach
AsignaturaYoung Adult Literarure
Dimensiones21 cm x 14 cm x 2,5 cm
N.° páginas374

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