How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex


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    Prime time television programs, retail clothing ads, Internet pop-ups, even games and cartoons today's society churns out endless sex-filled images that children leave a limited capacity to understand, let alone process. And thought sex ray be a topic that parents feel reserved and even uncomfortable talking about it is exactly where their children need the most. So how can you prepare your child for a sexually explicit world?

    With humor, compassion, and real-life examples, noted Harvard psychologist Dr. John Chirban helps parents handle issues of sexuality from the earliest years through adolescence and into adulthood. Drawing on scientific research and years of clinical experience, he officers tools to strengthen the parent/child relationship and insights on how to:

    - Open lines of communication at every stage of your child´s development.
    - Define your values so you can clearly convey them to your child.
    - Mentor your child on sexual matters and the meaning of intimacy and love.
    - Help your child understand the connections between sex, intimacy and love.

    Dr. Chirban also includes exercises to help you clarify your own feelings about sexuality and sexual issues, improve your listening and communication skills, and discover how your child feels about his or her body. You'll find guidelines on what to say, when to say it, and who should say it. In addition, Dr. Chirban provides troubleshooting tips on some tricky topics that may have left you floundering.
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