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Napoleon, CEO: 6 Principles to Guide and Inspire Modern Leaders



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Always audacity! Napoleon Bonaparte lived by that motto. Some would say he died by it as well. But best-selling business author Alan Axelrod delves beneath the stereotype of the egomaniacal conqueror to reveal a shrewd and visionary leader, a bold outsider who took command of a crumbling state and turned it into one of the greatest empires the world has ever known, in the process establishing a legend and a legacy that have yet to fade. Nearly two centuries after his death, Napoleon's battles are studied in military academies the world over. And the influence of the Napoleonic code is still being felt today in places like Belgium, Luxembourg, and Monaco. With his trademark conversational style, Axelrod focuses on six aspects of Napoleon's success: Audacity, Vision, Knowledge, Strategy, Communication, and Synergy. Leaders of businesses large and small will benefit from the insights Axelrod distills from Napoleon's victories... and from his defeats as well, for in Axelrod's capable hands, even the failures of this great man have valuable lessons to teach.


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