The Carnation Story


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    This beautiful and versatile flower, of multiple varieties and colors, has fascinated diverse cultures throughout the ages. Listed for the first time in ancient Greece in commemoration of Zeus, today it is the national flower of Spain, Monaco, Slovenia and the Balearic Islands. The Romans also identified it with Jupiter and Diana the huntress. Since then, many stories have started to emerge around this flower, making this plant the one that has perhaps inspired the greatest number of myths in the history of mankind. Christians associate it with the maternal love of the Virgin and with the nails of Christ (hence its name in Spanish); for the cultures of the East it is loaded with religious and political meanings ... The carnation, symbol of multiple movements and of the noblest human feelings, has been represented in art since the Middle Ages and continues today in pictorial representations with its characteristic passion.

    Well, this book is exactly that: a compilation of carnation stories that includes beautiful images, unknown stories and expected data about this plant, which has also become the most important export flower in Colombia. In fact, the book concludes by explaining how our nation supplies almost all of the world's carnations.

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    TipoLibro impreso
    AutorCecilia Lopez Vasquez
    Dimensiones23 cm x 22 cm x 1 cm en empaque
    Encuadernacióntapa dura
    N.° páginas108
    Edición BilingüeNo
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