Voyages of Discovery

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    History Files. The people, the events, the ideas that shaped our past and made our present.

    In the three decades between 1492 and 1522, European merchants and explorers progressed from relative ignorance about the shape of the globe to knowledge of an atlas that was almost complete. They did so in search of spices, gold, silver and slaves, but with rudimentary technology, huge courage and boundless confidence in themselves and their calculations. The resulting exchange of flora, fauna, diet, disease and culture changed the world within a few generations. The final touches to the world map of oceans and continents (barring Antarctica) came two-and-a-half centuries later with the voyages of James Cook.

    David Boyle describes these crucial years of European maritime exploration through the stories of the dramatic encounters between civilizations that characterized the journeys. At most of these strange meetings, neither side possessed enough knowledge of the world to understand the other, and many involved brutality; some of them resulted in genocide, but - just occasionally -there were glimmerings of hope for the future.

    The period chronicled in Voyages of Discovery saw the Earth mapped, parcelled up, looted and re-imagined. Its impact on the development of the world today cannot be overstated.

    • A special feature, exclusive to the History Files series, is a set of loose-leaf facsimile documents, including a letter from Columbus, part of Pigafetta's account of Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe, and an extract from Captain Cook's diary.
    • Comprehensively illustrated with drawings, paintings, maps and objects, giving further insight into the fascinating and fast-moving history of this period.
    •David Boyle's novel approach and accessible style bring the story of the voyages of discovery to life.
    •Includes boxes on specific people, places and events and many quotations from contemporary sources.
    •Ideal for the general reader looking for a thorough introduction to the subject, and indispensable to all students of the era.
    With 132 illustrations, 113 in colour, and nine loose-leaf facsimile documents.
    On the cover: Christopher Columbus makes landfall in the Caribbean. From Girolamo Benzoni's Americaepars quarta, 1594.
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    TipoLibro impreso
    AsignaturaUniversal history
    Autor(es)David Boyle, J.H.J. Andriessen
    Dimensiones21 cm x 17 cm x 1.4 cm
    N.° páginas144
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