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At first blush, it might not seem like there's a lot to say about the band famously accused of making the same album over and over. A deeper dive, however, reveals that line of thinking to be dull-witted at best.

Which is precisely the MO of rock journalist Martin Pop off. Accompanied by an army of AC/DC experts, Popoff dissects forty-plus years of plots and subplots in getting to the nut of some of the most memorable—and bestselling—rock 'n' roll of the last four decades. Popoff and company's rollicking love letter to Australia's finest export will have you revisiting albums you thought you knew inside out, and even records that you dismissed the first time 'round. As free-flowing discussions and gobs of performance and off-stage photographs and memorabilia transport you to that first listen way back when, you'll find yourself hunched over the stereo, finger on the fast forward and rewind—or, indeed, the lift arm—intently listening for that fresh revelation about what Angus does at the twenty-eight-second mark.

So pour yourself a stiff one and come on in. Clink drinks with eighteen dedicated Accadacca fanatics just like you—each with their own story about when they first stuck a finger in the socket.


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Autor(es)Martin Popoff
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