Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor


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    My name is Magnus Chase. Two months ago I died fighting a fire giant and woke up in hotel Valhalla as one of Odin's warriors. Time for a rest? I wish.

    When I meet Otis, an informant with a lead on Thor's missing hammer, all I get is the name 'Provincetown' before a wolf-masked assassin takes him out and warns me to stay away.

    Someone really doesn't want me to find the hammer, and even if I could it's rumored to be underground, guarded by powerful magic

    But the giant armies are on the move, preparing to invade.

    If I don't find it, they'll ravage the Nine Worlds, starting with the streets of Boston.

    There's just one person who could help. Someone who demands a very high price: the gods' worst enemy, Loki.

  • Ficha técnica


    TipoLibro impreso
    Autor(es)Rick Riordan
    AsignaturaYoung Adult Literarure
    Dimensiones26.3 cm x 15.2 cm x 3.7 cm
    N.° páginas496
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