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Matrix Energetics



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In 1997, Dr. Richard Bartlett experienced a shift in perception that would redirect the course of his entire life. He discovered that a light touch, coupled with focused intent, was enough to restore his clients to a state of physical, mental, or even spiritual balance. The results were extraordinary—and continue to defy logic. Drawing on the field of quantum physics, Dr. Bartlett's mission is to provide tools, hope, and hands-on change to anyone with the willingness to learn.

"Richard Bartlett is an invaluable gift to this world. He ¡s one of the few people on the planet who are breaking the boundaries of what we have imagined to be possible for humankind." —Rhonda Byrne, executive producer of The Secret

"Matrix Energetics... launches readers through a new set of beliefs about what constitutes health and what ¡s possible for us to affect immediately... Reading this book will open all your senses to more of what you are truly capable of."—John J. La Valle, MBA, NLP Master Trainer and co-author of Persuasion Engineering™

"Matrix Energetics is powerful, versatile, easy to learn, and simple to use... Dr. Bartlett's methods are among the most exceptional of the healing modalities that I have studied. This book will be of long-term value to all who read it." —Christopher Hegarty, PhD, alternative health researcher/journalist and former editor for Alternative Medicine Magazine Register


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